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Our Policies
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We accept Money Orders, Cashiers Checks, Certified Checks, and, ...

Pay-Pal to HFaF, send to: Wuffingas@earthlink.net

All personal checks will clear before items are shipped.

$40 fee on all NSF (none sufficient funds) returned checks.

Unfortunately, no Credit or Debit Cards at this time.

1. You have my personal guarantee that all HFaF blades, parts, sculpture, ornamental iron, etc, and all other work to be handed to you, or delivered to you in perfect condition.

2. HFaF will not re-sell, produce, or ship, any items to any State, Province, or Country where said item, (especially blades sharpened or unsharpened) is illigal to possess in said location.

3. HFaF will not sell any item with material flaws.

4. HFaF will not sell to minors or Felons and you must sign a release and waiver to purchase any blade.

5. To avoid time delay, confusion, and in keeping with a fair reputation. HFaF no longer takes custom orders in the strict sense of the word, and/or...where it is up to HFaF to supply the study, time, and energy to bring your ideas to life.

6. HFaF will work with you on a period project only if you have one or more of the following, ...blue-prints, primary source documentation, or good scale-drawings with proper measurements, weights, material type, etc. It is imperative you know in advance exactly what you want, and have a working knowledge of the labor, time, and expertise involved in making the edged weapon in mind.

7. No money down, for materials, time, or labor. That way if you don't like the finished product, and don't wish to purchase it, neither of us are out anything.

8. I don't work for free. For every hour I work on your project, (including research) I require $25 US dollars per hour, otherwise off-the-shelf products are priced per piece in the catalog.

9. One may return any undamaged, or non-abused item, within 3 business days of purchase, and receive a 100% refund, minus shipping if applicable.

10. All items over $10 and shipped will be insured, via purchasers expense.

11. All shipping, is actual shipping price per vendor only, no hidden fees, and no "handling" fees. Containers, tape, and packing are included in the shipping quote.

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