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The Maqq'Kracken King's: a Fantasy Adventure Novel by Robert P. Shyan-Norwalt is now available.

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Book I of XII of the Maqq'Kracken Series

About the first Book, ...meet the Hero, Lok The Panther, born to Raibeart "The Boar" Poul De Tyre VIth, and his first and only love; Queen Me'laun'Dra. At the tender age of two, Lok and his mother were forced to flee from the Capital, Yudic, after the betrayal and murder of Lok's Father, and the failure of his older brother, to secure the throne by right-of-arms. See Lok, between the ages three and fourteen, living in the southern Stockade, home of the original bloodline of the Lok-Hartian Maqq'Krackens. In secret, among this almost idealistic society, the Prince underwent extensive tutorage, weapons training, tactics, survival techniques, phonics', pyrotechnics, and engaged in diverse affairs of State,--yet rejected the old ways of the Maqq'Kracken KaHakkian religion. In his fourteenth year, a howling band of Mangakian Mangakpall, led by the renowned Zakxmare destroys the Southern Stockade. All Maqq'Kracken men over the age of eighteen, the soldiers, and their married women are vanquished, Lok, as well, meeting his doom by his own frivolity. However, through seemingly occultist intervention of one, Wizard of Maana, Lok, it is falsely believed, is raised from the dead. As an illogical youth, now in a grown man's body, a body super-enhanced by the Wizard's magic, Lok finds himself making irrational, immature, spiritually debilitating decisions. Follow Lok in his many adventures, through his middle to late teens, working first as a slave, later a trusted Imperial Confidant in fabled Wouachou. Through a friendship with one of the Emperor's princes, and success as a Gladiatorial Combatant, Lok moves into a place of military significance.

About the Author.
Over the years, Robert P. Shyan-Norwalt has been a itinerant Evangelist, Soldier, demolitions construction worker, Corrections Officer, Tractor Trailer Driver, and professional blacksmith/bladesmith. Robert has written an online, essential blacksmithing, damascus steel making, and pattern welding tutorial that has received high acclaim. This book, his first work of fiction, reflects his life-long experiences and learnings. He has been a student of history, especially Old and New Testament, edged weapons, and military strategy, for over 30 years. A former long-term member of various Middle Ages historical reenactment societies, and a self-taught amateur scholar, he has extensive knowledge of different classical through post-Middle Ages European histories and cultures. He was a decorated soldier in the US Army for over 14 years. His extensive military experiences, numerous military occupational skills, stealth maneuvers, and engagements provide realism, accuracy, and passion to the battle scenes, logistical activities, and individual combat episodes in this heroic fantasy. His former work as a Evangelistic clergyman and seminary student provide the skills to blend words and new belief systems into a coherent and creative whole. His work as a professional artisan blacksmith, swordsmith, and artist allow him to vividly portray weapons and armor, to provide the artwork for this novel. He has operated his full time blacksmith/swordsmith business out of his home-based workshop since 1999, has several apprentices, and has done numerous educational demonstrations in different venues, including Earlham College. Robert presently lives in rural Indiana with his wife, dog, and two Belgian horses. He has three adult children and five grandchildren.

6 X 9
300+ pages

Lok the Hammer. The Maqq'Kracken King's Book II.
By Robert P. Shyan-Norwalt

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Book II of 12 in the Maqq'Kracken Series

In Book II, Lok the Hammer, Lok in victory dissolves many a Wouachouian feud against his Lord, Hoin Jin Jung, verses local rebel military factions, such as bandits, and petty Warlords putting them in their place. Lok marries, deceitfully, Lynn; a daughter of Herrohvell, and finds himself, reluctantly placed in the Wouachou Military School for Officer Candidates. It is near this time, that Mishcialcab the Wizard bestows on Lok a certain war-hammer, the very one which was used to kill him in his early teens, and from which he derives his mythical surname; Lok the Hammer. Away from the orient, traveling as a hired mercenary, follow Lok as a young man in his mid-twenties, settling disputes among the Gogs and Ma-Gogs. He wanders with a growing band of Pirate outlaws; Freed Slaves, miscreants from all nations, including Nahrvoldian Mangaks, who have pitted themselves against the ancient "code," of Mangak. Soon after his turn north, up the mighty Ivory River, Lok and his small Army, now numbering over six-hundred, enlist in the cause of the brawny, indomitable, "Rhog" Essox; or 'High King' of the Scythians; (from Sky-things), bastardized name of the ancient Scythians. Discover Lok, the outlaw, as he finds himself in demand as a lawman. He is learning lessons in Leadership, and the misuse of unbridled authoritarian command. Finally leading Rhog's Army to victory has a name for himself, for many a camp fire Bard to sing his praise.

300+ pages