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     Robert writes, and illustrates all his own works, including internal pen and ink drawings, paintings, and the cover art. We have also besides Heroic Fantasy, and Science Fiction, a Historical Reenactment Guide, a Blacksmithing Damascus Steel Tutorial, and Historical Christian Fiction. 
 Metalwork Touch Mark of Robert P. Shyan-Norwalt. Three eschtcheons of the Clan Hay Scotland, with the initials RPN.


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 So far we have eleven good sized books in the Maqqkracken Kings Series, and fifteen titles all together.  Scroll down and click the links below. Be advised the Maqqkracken Kings series is rated 'R.'
1. The 12th Realm, book 1 Link  (Paperback) Link (Kindle)
2. Lok Garr the Panther book 2 Link (Paperback) Link (Kindle)
3. Lok Garr De Martel book 3 Link (Paperback) Link (Kindle)
4. Lokite Revenge book 4 Link (Paperback) Link (Kindle)
5. Lokite Insurrection book 5 Link (Paperback) Link (Kindle)
6. The Weir King book 6  Link (Paperback) Link (Kindle)
7. Bhob Garr's War book 7 Link (Paperback) Link (Kindle)
8. The Maqqkracken's Brood  book 8 Link (Paperback) Link (Kindle)
9. Maqqkracken Malice book 9 Link (Paperback) Link (Kindle)
10. The Drums of Pictdom book 10 Link (Paperback) Link (Kindle)
11. Masters of Time, The Southern Hemisphere Volume 1, book 11 Link (Paperback)  Link (Kindle)
12. The Chain, The Southern Hemisphere Volume 2, book 12, and final installment in the series (Coming December 2020)
13. Modern Methods of Damascus Steel  Link (Paperback) Link (Kindle)*
14. The Wuffingas Historical Reenactment Club Manual Link (Paperback) Link (Kindle)**
15. 'The Gaul.' The story of Longinus Gallus Egyptus, the man who pierced Christ's side at Calvary. On sale October 2020.


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My books range roughly from 410-850 pages, and are easy to read with the font just right.


                                                                                                                                 Other books and art work in the series, art work and details.


Although not based on the Maqqkracken kings series, this is an evocative historical piece that I did for a character study for a future book I'm working on. That's my Heraldic device by the way on the Norman Knight. This painting is acrylics, oils, and texture mediums on canvas board 18" x 24". For sale $650.00.


This is Lok Garr at 14 still recovering from his ordeal with the Mangak. By now he's a wanted man, with a huge bounty on his head. Details are burned into pine, with acrylic, oils, and ink.  10" x 12" for $150.00.


This scene above just left me wanting. So I changed the mountains, muted the shadows, changed the suns, and added snow. Much better.


Final piece is 18" x 24" acrylics on canvas. $450.00


I did this mock up as a sketch.


With photoshop help from Mrs. Debborah Zicht it really popped. Not for sale.


This is Command Sergeant Uoockmann ap. without armour.



 I did the below sketch in highschool.


Lok Garr in his  Gladiator days in Nzepukim. "Forth Son." Pen and Ink by the Author.  Not for sale.


               Lok Garr in his early teenage years (8" x 10" pen and ink)  as a Gladiator

                                                                                for Jung the Forth Son. Was used as a temporary Kindle e-book cover, ...not for sale.                                                               .           


                                                                                                                                                                Early work from in my Army days.

The final showdown between Po Reah and our Hero. 24" X 36" only existing copy. Original stolen. $1000.00.  This scene is from War College after Lok Garr has been first a Slave and then a Gladiator in Fabled Nzepukim, in Wouachou.






                                                                                                     Lok Garr vs Zakxmare the Great Hall of Nahrcraveaton. 24" x 36" pen and ink. Not for sale.




Close ups of Lok Garr in Nahrcraveaton, in the Great Hall facing off with Zakxmare.  That's Zeleg the Thungarian knocked out on the floor. Pen and ink by the Author a scene from book 4. This work was done in 1989, before the Gakle had come full blown into my mind as a Reptilian, aquatic Mammalian, and Amphibian, Species. The pen and ink is 24" x 36" and only one copy remains. I'd be willing to sell it to the right collector for $1000.00


First rendition of Rionnaggan, (Starrlight.) Since this time I've

been privileged to meet a willing model who will grace the cover

of book five in the future

                                                                                                                                                                                                       There are many Tribes, (Species) of Gakle; Ranging From pure Reptilian with very little resemblance to human characteristics, and also many who present unto hybrids such as this 'Mangakpull' female at the Shanty after Lok Garr's battle in Nahrcraveaton. In the book she's totally naked, so, ...you're welcome.


Gid the Eagle: (Though Lok Garr starts off calling him 'Gid the Ugly.')  Gid the Eagle: Warlord of the Nahr, and the Gakle responsible for saving Lok Garr and Rionaggann in Nahrcraveaton.  Small work, pen and ink, colored pencils, and markers, not for sale.





                                                              Character study for Samson'nocht, Lok Garr's Grandson. Not for sale.

 Working on the Gakle took many years to perfect.                 


This is the full view of Heurrittill. Sorry if Iguana boobs are too much for you. I my defense: I don't care. This original painting is all acrylic, 18" x 24" and goes for $450.00.



Scene from book one, in regards to the attack on the Stockade.                                                                                      Lok Garr's stepson Sir Raibeart Garr, and a Kackijani named Nicolov his adopted son.

This Gakle soldier is named as one Private 'Pooki'nocht.' Poor bastard.


                                                                                                                            I only have this work in prints.


This original was stolen. All I have is one bad copy,                                                            Learning to not use black sharpie, the hard way.

and digital images. So I'm redoing it in color using my new muse.


Only existing copy of original pen and ink by the author is 24" x 36" for sale for $450.00



Meet 'Rhog Essox,' (Henry Von Essen) King of the 'Sky Things,'

                                                                                                                                (Teggahian Scythians) Original Painting, acrylics on 14 x 20" canvas,

                                                                                                                                matted $225.00. It is a cover for one of the e-books.

                                                                                   This is the Great Admiral Jshon Harr on the Serpent after his release as a Galley Slave for the Mangak.

This is the only print of this piece, and I wouldn't take a dime less than $1200.00 for it.


The concept of amalgamation of arms and armour started with the Teggah version of the Samurai, as it was a suit of samurai armor I was wearing the day I met my wife an an SCA fighter practice.  For the books I used a hodge podge of Oriental and Greek pieces seeing many actual late period admixtures of real samurai armor in museums. On the right is the Cruithni Warlord Jimmy MacKay

                                                                                                                          Lok Garr at the Shanty. This version has both hinges on the door, something I'd overlooked in the first rendition of this scene.


         Special effects by Photographer Ruth Kingman.                        Find the difference between this pic and the one above.                                                I liked the cooking pot a lot.


                                                                                                                                                                                            Colorized redo of this scene in ink, acrylic, and oils. 8" x 10" $120.00



                                                                                                                                   The Northern Hemisphere of Teggah looking down on north.

                                                                                                                                                                Maqqkrackenland earlier rendition.



                                                                                                                                                              Maqqkrackenland Realms

                                                                                               All maps by the author.

Just for fun I'm publishing the first "Hammer Lok" comic I did with my best friend D. Lair in his living room; summer of 1968. Dyslexia is a bitch so not much is spelled even near correct.  I was 8 years old.  So!


Oops. Somebody wrote a check with their mouth, that their ass couldn't cash! I like the mobster style, "Let's get 'em boys!"


The abuse and the drama. My ex-wife and I got a kick out of the fact most words were spelled incorrectly: And his mother looked like Lurch from the Adams family. "Hammer Lok Momma. Hammer Lok!"


 Time for the montage. Everyone knows hauling bricks and driving railroad spikes makes a warrior, a Warrior!


 The big reveal! Literally. Fifteen years later, and walla, the scars, the worst hair day on this planet, (not named for years but his 'Teggah' after Tech High School Indianapolis, ) the mystical hammer, and apparently the biggest penis on said planet.  It was the best a 8 year old could do at the time.

 The showdown at the not so okay corral. I like the madu.

 All comics have a pin up, and I chose Sampson. He "'Shlew' the 10,000 with the jawbone of an ass." Getting to say 'ass' straight out of the Bible, was the highlight of my day being a young Baptist.

 Speaking of ass. It was "Pow" ass kickin' time!

 Show me an MMA fighter that can slam you on the face with a sledge hammer AND kick you in the shins at the same time!

 The cliff hanger. Stuck in the back with a madu, by the last guy standing. I actually wrote this into the novels at a few places. So much fun. That this made it through many many moves, and survived over 50 years. Amazing.

                      The Author/Blacksmith in his shop